Learning to dance – episode 4

Yesterday, we repeated several dance steps and were introduced to the “valse viennoise”.

The “cha-cha-cha” works pretty good for us, maybe the turning move needs some minor improvements and the re-connection after the turn is not perfect yet… but it’s fun!

The “tango” is starting to be really good… one lady even complemented us on it… I feel we are nicely connected, mentally, when we dance it… This lady asked us, whether we were hypnotizing each other… Well, not really, but well we synchronize quite nicely, I think.

The “fox trot” is still quite heavy for me, because I find it rather physical if you got for the rhythm like it should be… still quite difficult to avoid other couples, when they are “slower” or to go around them… 🙂

The “valse viennoise”, well well that’s quite some story… I really love this dance, but I wasn’t aware how difficult it can be for a beginner… and I’m getting quite nervous and, well, angry when it doesn’t work out like it should… especially when space is so tight and when the turning around is not fluent… I’ll have to be more patient and stop worrying… there will be the Aha-Effect! and everything will just sync, “by itself”… if we train enough…

maybe this video can help: http://dansedansedanse.free.fr/Valse/V04_CarreCoupleMac.mov

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