DNLE – Assignment #1: Evaluation of 3 Learning Environments or Technologies

In the online course on “Designing a New Learning Environment” (DNLE hereafter) that I’ve started taking on 15th Octobre 2012, we have been given a first (individual) assignment… And I’m currently preparing to address this task, in the next days.

We have to evaluate 3 Learning Environments or Technologies and we will be able to see what our peers have done for this first assignment after the deadline.

What I really appreciate with this first assignment is the very precise instructions coupled with a lot of freedom… I don’t feel like the task is confining to some sort of reception mode of learning… they clearly put me in charge of coming up with an original and creative (knowledge) product.

I’ll keep you posted here about my ideas… and maybe ask you to give me feedback on my preliminary ideas and to tell me which ideas I should develop in my homework…

I’ve also read that we will be doing peer reviewing to assess our peers’ works in future assignments… I’ve already read about the use of peer-review in MOOC (massively open online courses), but have so far not had any experiences with it, in such a learning context… I’m looking forward to discovering what it means to have my work evaluated by my peers and to have to evaluated the work of my peers…

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