Doug Woods on “Good Teachers Don’t Need Technology”

Doug Woods (ICT in Schools) has blogged about why he thinks that it’s inappropriate the say that “good teachers don’t need technology” and he goes into some details here:

I’ve tried to post a comment on his blog, but so far it didn’t appear there, so I’d like to use my blog to publish my reaction to his article. Because I really think that he misses an important point when trying to refute this “silly position” about teachers and their need for technology.

I agree with you, totally! But I think you missed one important  point… Teachers have always been using technological tools for  teaching (also in the sense of supporting the learning process of their students). Books are technology, blackboards are technology, chalk is technology… These tools just don’t look like technology to us, maybe because they pre-existed us and we never thought of as technology… Still they have been tools to support learning and teaching ever since school-based learning was “invented”. Each historical period had its tools for teaching. You would probably agree that we all feel that “new”, digital, computer technologies are  somewhat RADICALLY transforming the way we access knowledge, compared to any previous technological invention… Nevertheless I do think that the invention of book printing must have had a similarly redefining effect on teaching/learning, because back then, printed books meant that you could have access to a body of knowledge WITHOUT the physical presence of your “master”…

Teachers have always relied on technology to teach, on technology that was available and appropriate at that time.