Dawkins on “social-constructionism vs. science”

I just have to quote this passage below, because I’ve been trying so many times to refer to it, when discussing socio-constructivism vs. neo-positivism, but had been unable to find it… So, this time, I will know where to find it… on my blog 🙂

Social-constructionist ‘intellectuals,’ and perhaps even the ‘radical ism-ists’ culture warriors of The New York Times Book Review might counter that science itself is but one more ‘superstition.’ But as Sir John Krebs points out below, Dawkins won’t have any of this cultural relativism. Krebs quotes one of his favorite passages, not out of The Selfish Gene but from the book River Out of Eden:

Show me a cultural relativist at thirty thousand feet and I’ll show you a hypocrite. Airplanes are built according to scientific principles and they work. They stay aloft and they get you to a chosen destination. Airplanes built to tribal or mythological specifications such as the dummy planes of the Cargo cults in jungle clearings or the bees-waxed wings of Icarus don’t.

via Edge.org – http://www.edge.org/documents/archive/edge178.html