Project AoW: Becoming a Wikipedian – Introduction

I’ve recently decided, together with my college and friend Benoît Majerus, to answer the call issued by the Wikimedia Foundation, asking academics to actively contribute to the largest, free, online encyclopedic repository of human knowledge in the known universe that we all resort to when we want to look up a concept or fact: Wikipedia.

We’re currently writing up a manifest to answer this call and try to convince our fellow academics to join us in making a small, but valuable, contribution to this growing body of shared collective knowledge…

(Virtually) everybody uses Wikipedia these days as a reference tool, so why not putting some effort into making it better every day?

Afterall, we, as academics, are in a rather privileged position when it comes to knowledge, its creation, production, publication and discussion… and we should contribute to the education of the global community, because we do believe that knowledge is power!

I will blog about our way of reacting to this call in order to 1) document, reflect and share my personal experiences with you, my readers and 2) gather your comments and reactions. So I really hope you’ll give me your thoughts to feed on…

By the way, if you have any ideas for good reasons to get more academics onto Wikipedia, please send in your thoughts!

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