Starting a new online learning experience with the MOOC: “l’APP, une pédagogie active”

I’ve started to take another massive open online course, this time to update my competencies in the domain of “higher education pedagogy”.

I’m really looking forward to this course, because it will serve me directly in my daily teaching activities and because I know some of the people who developed it.

I am supposed to learn the following things with the help of this MOOC:

  1. Comment rédiger une situation-problème de départ qui soit appropriée à vos étudiants;   
  2. Comment animer un APP en prenant le rôle d’enseignant-tuteur;
  3. Comment évaluer les apprentissages de vos étudiants avec cette méthode.

If you’re interested, come and join me (and many others) in this learning adventure.