DNLE – Assignment #4: Learning Classification Chart using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Our 4th assignment was to use Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives and find an educational technology (I suppose they should be digital tools) that would allow teachers to design a learning activity for their students, which aims at the corresponding learning objective. Even though the assignment only states that we should give one tool per learning objective, I included an explanation as to how the use of each tool would allow learners to develop the corresponding learning outcomes described by the taxonomy.

You may find my submission here:


I’ve been giving a very similar assignment to my Bachelor in Educational Sciences students in the past years… so this task was a no-brainer for me… a priori… but having to do it myself, made me aware of the fact that the educational tools themselves are not directly conditioning the learning objectives that they can serve… it’s all in the tasks that you design for your students…