Going to class – again

I’ll start going to class again, this week… but this time, it’ll be a virtual class… a course offered through ISTE on “Research to Practice in Educational Technology”.

I will get the course materials and have interactions with peers and teachers via a moodle online course.

Here is the course description, for those interested:

This course will introduce a rubric for evaluating the quality of educational research
and the implications of the research for practice. Basic knowledge of social science research methods (such as those studied in an educational or sociological methods class) is a pre- requisite for the course. The course will not cover how to do original research, although you will learn the criteria for quality studies. Students will pursue readings in their own interest areas within the field of educational technology (which may include integrating technology into curriculum, teacher professional development, education leadership issues in implementing technology programs, global education, STEM+ education, etc.). Students will publish reviews of publications into the ISTE Technology Research Exchange (or, TREx) database
– as such, students are referred to as TREx “contributors” while the teachers for the course are “moderators.” TREx will be searchable to contributors, ISTE members, and the general public for accessing research findings on educational technology. In taking this course, contributors help build and learn about TREx, improve their skills in reviewing literature, find resources to support grant and advocacy efforts, and connect with other practitioners in a professional network.

I’m sure I’ll be learning some interesting stuff the next few weeks.

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  1. Due to time constraints I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions nor do all the activities… ;-( but I certainly had very inspiring exchanges with the teachers and co-students about reviewing EdTech research papers. Thanks a lot. I may participate in a next round!

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