Project AoW: Becoming a Wikipedian – Concept 1

I’m giving a lecture today about teaching with multimedia and hypermedia and I was thinking about looking up examples of such educational media on Wikipedia…

To my big surprise, I had to discover that “educational media” was not (and still is not) defined and explained on Wikipedia!

I do think that this concept needs to be included because 1) it is a concept that I encounter on anext to weekly basis, so it needs to be defined in any respectable encyclopedia and 2) it needs to be distinguished from the concept of educational technology (which has an entry in Wikipedia).

At a more personal level, I would love to able to send people over to Wikipedia when they ask me what I mean by educational media (or edmedia in short)…

3 Feedbacks on “Project AoW: Becoming a Wikipedian – Concept 1”

  1. Today I’ve again used the term “educational media” when writing up instructions for a learning activity and I really wanted the term to be defined on Wikipedia.

    What do you think? Should I start an entry about it?

  2. @Kristina: hm, I somehow feel that EdTech is not the same concept as EdMedia 🙂 and that it would deserve an entry on its own…

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