Online Writing Tool: Spellchecker for Luxembourgish

Thanks to Michèle Klecker I’ve just discovered an interesting Online Writing Tool, that allows you to check the spelling of text written in Luxembourgish. Even though the authors of this tool claim that it’s not meant to be a learning tool, I do think that it is a tool for learning, learning to write, learning to write your own text, learning to write your own text in a standardized way (so that other people may better read your text…)

Check it out here:

2 Feedbacks on “Online Writing Tool: Spellchecker for Luxembourgish”

  1. Thank you for your interest in Spell checkers should (generally speaking) not be used as a *standalone* tool for learning a language. They can for example not tell apart homophones (e.g. “den” and “dënn” in Luxembourgish) or similar words with a different meaning (e.g. “wëll” and “well”), thereby giving language newbies a wrong impression that their input is correct even though it is complete nonsense. However, nothing keeps you from using a spell checker as a *supportive tool* while using other means (like language courses or textbooks) to learn the basics of an orthography.
    Michel Weimerskirch,

  2. Michel, I do think that NO TOOL WHATSOEVER should be used as a standalone tool for learning anything… 🙂 Thank you nevertheless for your additional explanations… I’m particularly interested in tools that you very nicely call *supportive tools*

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