RE: ICT As An Education Tool: Plotting A Positive Outcome | HYS Topic Of the Day

ICT is just a tool (just like whiteboards) that can be utilized for education.

I do agree with Ragexiii, that ICT are merely tools and that they can be used for education just like other older technologies (like whiteboards and books) have been used for teaching and learning purposes.

However, I do think that digital technologies (Personal Computers and the Internet) have so fundamentally changed our every-where and every-time *rapport au savoir*, our relationship to knowledge that we cannot ignore them in educational contexts. For me, it’s not about ICT tools for teaching, it’s about the very transformative effects of access to knowledge as well as its mass-generation, mass-spreading and mass-sharing via digital technologies.

Just like printed books, in their time, fundamentally changed the way knowledge was “available to the masses”, mobile digital devices connected to the global Internet completely changed and are still changing our *rapport au savoir*.

In this sense, I do think that “ICT in Education” is different from “Whiteboards in Education” and it’s not merely a question of tools for teaching…

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