Blogging Students

I’ve instructed half of my BScE students that they will have to use their “professional” blog @ for their assignments, autonomous studies, homeworks and other tasks… and I’m very curious to see how they will manage to learn how to use this technology tool and how they will make the thing and the writing process their own (FR: s’approprier la chose), once they will have a grip at the technology side of it… When will it be THEIR THING, instead of the university’s thing? We’ll see…

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  1. I’ve so far read only a few blog posts that my students have written, but I have to say that I do already feel that this tools will dramatically change the way I teach, the way I can trace their development, the way they will learn, the way they will think, the way they will share their knowledge, the way they will communicate, the way they will explore existing knowledge sources, the way they will create new knowledge, the way we will interact… We’ll have to see if my prophecy will be self-fulfilling 🙂

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