Educational Technology and Specific Learning Difficulties

During my online exploration, in search of resources on dyscalculia for a research project, I stumbled upon a software that was “designed for remediation of dyscalculia in children aged 4-8. It may also be useful for prevention of dyscalculia, or to teach number sense in kindergarten children without specific learning disabilities. The software was developed in our laboratory by Anna Wilson and Stanislas Dehaene, and is based on our current knowledge of the brain circuits underlying numerical cognition. Details of the design of the software are published in Behavioral and Brain Functions: Wilson, A. J., Dehaene, S., Pinel, P., Revkin, S. K., Cohen, L., & Cohen, D. (2006). Principles underlying the design of “the number race”, an adaptive computer game for remediation of dyscalculia. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 2(19).

It can be freely downloaded here:

I’ll have a look at it and keep you posted here about my impressions… I’d love to use it, or have my future students in the BScE use it for their educational technology research project, so that we could test its effectiveness. We’ll have to see…