Educational Technology: It’s not about technology! It’s about the transformation of Teaching & Learning!

A Special Focus on Where and How Technology Can Transform Teaching and Learning

Technology is changing how we live and learn and will surely transform how we educate going forward. New developments in this domain hold great promise for supporting a more efficient and purposeful educational system, for enhancing the quality of those who teach, and for making knowledge and access to expertise broadly accessible to all. In fact, productive developments in educational technology may well be essential if we are to realize our goals of more engaging, and deeper learning experiences for all children.

In this regard, Carnegie will focus on where and how technology can add value as we seek to advance more ambitious learning goals for all students, and where we can assist educators as they move toward making these new learning goals universal. It is a question that Carnegie has been grappling with during the past decade and we will continue to parse with renewed vigor as we move forward.

We are currently planning a 3rd conference on eLearning in the Greater Region and we want to give it this very focus: how educational technology has transformed higher education and how it will continue to do so in the years to come.

I really think that educational technology or learning with new media should not be about learning to use certain tools (as such), like how to use computers, mobile phones or certain pieces of software. But it should be about the transformative, corrosive, erosive and mind-set-changing effects of technology on our conceptions and practices of learning & teaching.

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