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Christine Brockmeyer’s story about her personal (non) experiences with computers in education

I strongly recommend reading this blog post by Christine Brockmeyer on her personal (non) experiences with computers in education. Dat Erliefniss mam Computer am “Communication visuelle” Kuer wat d’Christine eis héi beschréift, weisst ganz schein, dass de fait de Computer als creation tool anzesetzen direkt, quasi automatesch och eng aaner sozial form vu léieren mat […]

16 October 2009 at 07:55 - Comments

TPACK: Using technology for enriched experiences of content

I’ve discovered, more by chance, the DEVOLVE website (, which allows you to make a “[…] journey back in time [and] to see yourself as you would have looked as an early human”. To me, this is a nice example of a digital technology tool that allows you to have enriched and personally connected experiences […]

17 July 2009 at 14:21 - Comments
bob at 14:23 on 17 July 2009
more over, the fact that kids could use their own pictures and DE-volve themselves would make the exploration of evolutionary…

Book Review: “Handbook of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) for Educators” by AACTE

I’ve recently “discovered” the TPCK model, by browsing the iTunesU catalogue and falling over Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s video podcast called “As We May Teach” (see: I was totally unaware of the theoretical and empirical work done in the field of TPCK, so far and so I was very happy to see that there are […]

1 July 2009 at 08:07 - Comments