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I’m a Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Applied Educational Sciences of the Research Unit on Education, Culture, Cognition and Society of the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education of the University of  Luxembourg.

Research Interests

  • Educational Technology
  • Learning Sciences

Current Research

Past Research

  • ICT-Enriched Learning & Assessment of Spreadsheet Skills with Serge Dondelinger (Travail de candidature)
  • ICT-Enriched Assessment of “Global Competences” for PISA 2018
  • Incentives and Gaming Environments for Automobile Routing (I-GEAR): FNR-CORE (01.05.2012-01.05.2015) – more about the project
  • ICT-Enriched Assessment & Learning of Science Literacy
  • Numerical & Spatial Cognition: Developmental Issues (NUMSPACE2)
  • Numerus Clausus: Student Selection Procedures
  • Assessment of ICT Literacy in pre-service teacher students
  • Needs analysis for an “e-Learning for Languages” project (Quattropole)
  • Implicit Learning and Visual Attention (Ph.D. Thesis)
  • Sex differences in spatial cognition (Master Thesis)
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